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Esoteric Order

of Roleplayers

Dive into a Finished Story

With more than 10 years of storytelling to choose from, you can sink you teeth into finished games in a variety of genres and settings.

Or jump into one of our most popular games from the selection below.

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Check out the latest series or browse through more than 500 episodes by checking our podcast feed. 

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   The Order

The EOR got its start as an actual play podcast over 10 years ago (January 2013, to be exact) as an experiment in setting an iPad in the middle of the table and hitting Record. Since then, we’ve put out more than 500 episodes from nearly 36 systems (and counting!). Our regular cast and guests number more than a dozen players in all, but all of us share a common love of gaming—and, particularly, of playing systems that encourage immersive role-playing and unforgettable moments of humor, horror, romance, and tragedy.

Our tastes are often esoteric (ergo our name), but tend to cluster around themes of horror, investigation, mythic fantasy, and high adventure. We believe in the importance of diversity at the game table and in our games. We broadcast our episodes mostly uncut, often raw—we believe there is still space for actual-plays to demonstrate how RPGs really play out among friends, rather than professional content creators.

Take your time browsing our back catalog and we guarantee you’ll find something there to interest you. Just don’t say anything about the audio quality on those early recordings, okay?

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Image by Jr Korpa

David Larkins

David got into tabletop gaming just as its initial wave of popularity was fading in the late 80s, but he didn’t let that stop him. A self-taught gamer, he owes much of his ultimate enjoyment of the hobby to cussed stubbornness and occasional spite. Somewhere along the way, he decided to make a career of his great passion and (so far) has not lived to regret it. In addition to obsessively recording his game sessions, he also enjoys miniatures wargaming, drumming, and making a living as an award-winning writer, editor, and game designer.

Image by Georgi Kalaydzhiev

Desiree Valdez

Desiree got into RPGs after meeting David strange aeons ago, and it wasn’t long before she started teaching him a thing or two about how to access wonderful new vistas of imagination. A true Renaissance woman, Des has been a constant presence in the EOR since its inception. In our face-to-face gaming days, her snacking smorgasbords were the stuff of legend, and her presence at the table (as both GM and player) set the bar for everyone else to aspire to. She is most proud of our Nightlife Duet Chronicles and would love it if new listeners started there. 

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