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Diary of a Madman - World of Darkness

We're back, and we brought some Dead Gamers with us!

It's another EOR crossover event, this time with our friends from the Dead Gamers Society, Southern California's preeminent horror and dark fantasy gaming community.

Join David as he takes a group of soon-to-be Hunters from Pasadena High School into the dark and seedy underbelly of the Nightlife Chronicles, this time by way of Hunter: The Vigil, 2nd Edition, as they investigate the mysterious events surrounding their old friend, Ken Patterson, four years ago...

Start listening here:

Series image for the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers series called Diary of a Madman. It is set in the Nightlife Chronicles and uses the Hunter: The Vigil rules. The image show a torn piece of notebook paper with the title over a very dark section of the Hollywood sign. It features VCR-like distortion.


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